About Veronika Stutz


Former ballet/ jazz/ modern dancer

American Council on Exercise: Certified Personal Trainer

American Council on Exercise: Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

International Fitness Professionals Association: Certified Personal Trainer 

International Fitness Professionals Association: Advanced Personal Trainer


California Southern University, Master's of Arts in Psychology and Marriage/Family therapy: Marriage and Family Therapist (pre-licensed)

University of Santa Monica: Master's of Arts in Spiritual Psychology

American Council on Exercise: Certified Weight Management Specialist

Originally from Germany and now a dual citizen of both Germany and the US, Veronika studied dance in Munich at Daniela Gl├╝ck Studio, musical theater in Hamburg at the Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama, and musical theater at Ballet Zentrum in Berlin.

She performed as an actress and singer in Munich, Potsdam and Berlin, and came to Los Angeles in 1996 to study acting at the Stella Adler Academy.

However, physical limitations turned her attention to fitness training and the study of nutrition. "I was always too short, too chubby, too inflexible, too something...You don't get much work as a dancer when too chubby. But you don't have the energy to train 8 hours a day at a ballet bar if you're only allowed to snack on carrots. So what do you do? You look for solutions until you find something that works."

In 1999, Veronika was certified as a Personal trainer by LA Fitness, then by the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) and in 2003 as an Advanced Personal trainer by IFPA.

She started Transformations Personal Training & Wellness Coaching in January 2000, working mostly out of Bodybuilders Gym in Silverlake, California,  but also various other gyms and private homes. In 2004, she earned national certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). "Over 16 years of experience with clients and my own physical challenges have taught me that we can overcome physical limitations much more than we think. Alongside my clients, I rehabilitated my own knees that were damaged by dancing, a neck and brain stem injury after a car accident and 2 herniated discs. It takes consistency, patience, and discipline, but it can be done."

In 2007, Veronika completed a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica, and a Master of Arts in psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy at California Southern University in 2014. She worked in the mental health field for a year.

The junction of exercise science and psychology led to a holistic mind-body approach to health, fitness, and well-being:

"The excess weight, the injuries, and ailments, the absence of physical stamina and energy are often a reflection of how we live and relate to ourselves; of our relationship with ourselves and life in general. The body becomes a visible manifestation of what is transpiring within ourselves, of our belief system about ourselves and the stories we tell about ourselves, and of the choices we make in return. The desire to transform the body or return it to a healthful, energetic state harbors unique opportunities to become aware of what holds us back, what weighs us down and what drains the life energy out of us...and why."

She was certified as an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist by the American Council on Exercise in 2016, and as a Weight Management Specialist in 2017.

Veronika is currently available for in-gym and in-home personal training, and health/wellness/weight management/life coaching in-home, in-office, via phone or Skype.