Weight Management Coaching 

Weight management coaching can aid in determining your readiness for lifestyle - and nutritional change, assess your realistic availability and preference for exercise, and formulate weekly action plans. We will use tools such as MyPlate.com or Supertracker for nutritional plans, caloric intake goals and required energy expenditure for weight loss.

Fitness Therapy

Let's process your life issues while you exercise. As you get your body moving, your mind will follow.

Ponder your limitations while you stretch. Process feelings of victimhood while you punch a bag. Reframe feelings of weakness or ineptitude while lifting heavy metal. Define your goals while you run. Reconsider your self-image while you exceed previous physical limitations. Rethink your relationships after you exerted yourself. Use your time at the gym for both body and mind.

Disclaimer: Fitness Therapy is not clinical psychotherapy but life coaching. 

Health &​Wellness Coaching

​Health & Wellness coaching draws from a background of psychology and counseling, is similar to life coaching but intends physical well-being by addressing both mind and body.

Sustainable lifestyle change or weight loss can seem like a formidable task. When broken down into small, realistic action-steps and supported by continued accountability, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and more likely to succeed.

Coaching can be done in-person, over the phone or via Skype.

Eating Behavior Analysis

Eating Behavior Analysis is a behavioral approach to weight loss which emphasizes what, when and how you eat. With the use of a food journal, we identify and track the various components of your unique nutritional (and possibly emotional eating) habits. While eating disorders cannot be addressed within a personal training contract and require a referral to a mental health professional, we can identify self-supportive behaviors that may replace using food for emotional nurturance. When no eating disorders are present, identifying and labeling emotional needs can often suffice to replace self-defeating eating habits that lead to excess weight.

Lifestyle Change Coaching

Lifestyle Change Coaching begins with creating an ideal vision of a (more active, more restful, more mindful) lifestyle you would like to be living, and a realistic evaluation of how you currently live instead. With your ideal vision in mind, we identify small changes you can integrate over time until the present is more closely aligned with your ideal lifestyle. We may address sleeping and resting patterns, food choices and eating rituals, self-supportive activities, non-edible rewards and environmental support.

Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional Coaching may include the use of a food journal and a series of educational sessions on how to balance and combine food groups, optimize nutritional intake, manage blood sugar levels, lower food cravings, plan meals, navigate restaurants and make healthier low-glycemic food choices.