° Mild anxiety and/or depression

° Negative body imagenegative self-talk

° Self-esteem issues

° Life purpose and direction

° Relationship with Self and others

° Healing of memories

°Stress-related emotional eating

° Indecisiveness or procrastination

° Resolution of conflicting intentions

° Goal setting, strategizing and accountability

° Ownership and responsibility for one's thoughts and feelings

° Communication skills

° Identifying and resolving root causes of emotional patterns that repeatedly create the same unwanted experiences

° Tracking mental, emotional and behavior patterns; fostering awareness and responsibility

° Mindfulness training

° Stress management

​° Implementing self-care practices

Life Coaching

Life coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy, but sometimes it can be helpful to brainstorm targeted solutions with a trained professional.

Perhaps it was a desire for increased life quality that brought you to the gym. Maybe you sought out exercise because you are looking for increased wellness in all areas of your life. Perhaps "getting back into your body" and feeling better in your own skin prompts you to contemplate other aspects of your current lifestyle you might want to improve.

Life coaching can be added to any exercise program, during or outside of training sessions. Life coaching is also available over the phone or via Skype.