Online personal training

Online personal training can be added to one-on-one training if you seek daily support or you prefer viewing your personalized exercise program through an app on your phone as you exercise by yourself. Online personal training can replace one-on-one training if you are comfortable exercising on your own and you want personalized fitness programs that address your specific goals and needs, or if you are seeking an affordable alternative to one-on-one training.

If you choose online training, we start with a phone or Skype session to assess your goals. You download an app to your phone and I will send you exercise programs for 1-6 days a week. We can schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Skype sessions to alter your program. The training app also allows us to stay in touch via text messages for ongoing accountability and support.

Online training options

1 virtual training program per month

1 virtual training program per week

1-6 virtual training programs and 1 forty-five minute Skype or phone coaching session per week

1-6 virtual training programs and 2 forty-five Skype or phone coaching sessions per month