Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation is typically accomplished in combination with a General Health/Fitness Program and may include cooperation with your primary care physician, orthopedist or physical therapist.  Back-, neck-, hip- and knee pain may be an undiagnosed ailment and a consequence of poor posture or excessive wear and tear of joints. In most cases, injury-specific exercises alleviate or decrease chronic pain.

General Health/ Fitness

If you are a beginner, have spent time at the gym before but not gotten the results you wanted, or if you simply want to get in shape and feel better, a General Health/Fitness program is for you. You will learn the basics of how to strengthen the 9 major muscle groups gradually and pain-free; build some muscle mass and definition, improve posture, gain flexibility and increase your daily energy levels through cardiovascular training. You will learn to use a variety of exercise tools such as machines, freeweights, cables, balls and flexibility bands.

Athletic conditioning

Athletic conditioning is sports-specific training to enhance performance through strength, power, power endurance and endurance training and is beneficial to both beginning or seasoned athletes. Off-season training may be cycles of hypertrophy and power endurance along with sports-specific skill training; during competition, power and strength training with multiple sets for the entire body can prevent fatigue and ensure peak performance.

Personal training


Bodysculpting is an advanced strength training program, centering on the focused manipulation and reshaping of chosen regions or problem areas. Bodysculpting requires good General Fitness and adequate muscle mass for sculpting, and in some cases prior weight loss. Women frequently opt to define stomach or waist line, define arms, slim thighs or lift buttocks. Men more often wish to increase upper or lower body size. Bodysculpting is similar to bodybuilding in brinnging out the shape of a chosen muscle, but it does not build bulky mass.


An anti-aging program also builds on General Health/Fitness and often Bodysculpting, but aims to reverse age-specific physical decline by increasing lean muscle mass, bone density, balance, functionality, stamina and flexibility. Anti-aging interventions benefit anyone from ages 40-100. If Bodysculpting is the holy grail of fitness programs, Anti-aging is the restorative miracle program.

Personal training programs run at least one month at a time, after which the contract can be extended month-to-month. During a "month" (which can take longer if you need to cancel sessions) I will meet with you a minimum of once a week (but as often as you like) to create and update your personalized workout routine. With a weekly copy of your current workout, you can exercise by yourself and consult with me via text for troubleshooting or feedback.

Before starting an exercise program, you will need to fill out a health screeing form, a waiver and a contract. I ask for a 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid charges for a pre-scheduled session.

‚ÄčWhat is your intention for starting an exercise routine? What are your goals?

If you are clear on what you want to accomplish, it will be easier for us to get started and develop a game plan. Remember, your goal is unlikely to be accomplished in one swooping step. There is no "right" exercise program I can hand you once and for all that will fix all of your issues. A professional fitness make-over is done one step at a time, but every step has to be aligned with your goals.

Let me give you a few suggestions which direction you may take.

Weight loss

Depending on your prior level of fitness, a Weight loss program most likely begins with a General Health/Fitness Program but evolves into metabolic strength training and circuit training routines. Circuit training consists of complex and combination exercises and is designed to keep you moving consistently instead of resting, so that you build muscle mass and increase energy consumption. Essentially, the goal is to burn as many calories as possible during training sessions, exercise at a higher intensity and in the process, increase your resting metabolism. Most clients benefit from additional nutritional coaching or participation in a structured diet program.