... the chiropractor said I was in much better shape than she expected. She had looked at all my x-rays and is very happy with the work you have done for/on me. So thank you.


...Training the German way...efficient, organized, and with purpose.


Veronika Stutz is a magician, probably the only trainer in history who would understand my distaste for exercise...and keep me coming back every time. She realized I'm not training for bulk, and tailored her focus to my lower back strength and posture to help me with my most important challenge - lifting my toddlers.

She is so knowledgeable and friendly, sometimes all-business, sometimes life coach, always awesome!


I finally got around to joining a gym at age 58 and on the recommendation of a friend, hired Veronika Stutz, to guide me through the process of strengthening my aging body. Veronika's approach to training is very thorough and holistic, making sure her clients are well-informed about all aspects of body strengthening. She is very conscientious about making sure I don't injure myself, which is so critical when working with weights. Like consulting with a good doctor, Veronika really cares what is best for you. I only wish I had started with her sooner!


I worked with Veronika over a period of 4 months and saw rapid and amazing changes in my body.

She took me from someone who believed she could never lift anything over 10lbs to bench-pressing 30lbs with ease. She goes over the technique of each exercise in detail so that you are aware of every muscle you are training and what really sets her apart from other trainers is her focus on your body shape goals. If you want to sculpt your waist, she will focus her training on that, for example, and you will be able to see the results very quickly. 

I left every session energized and inspired! I would highly recommend Veronika to anyone looking to get in shape and gain tons of energy.


Veronika was an amazing trainer and resource for me during a transitional period in my life. She provided a supportive training environment as well as very helpful mental health input.

She helped me learn how to operate different pieces of equipment in the gym and how to create my own workouts. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their health and mobility while also learning about better life practices and how to implement them.


Veronika has been a keen listening ear and truly will tailor your workout experience to meet your needs, limitations, and goals.

She puts your safety as a top priority with an emphasis on the correct form so when you are training on your own, an injury isn't an option. Her kind and encouraging spirit make you look forward to scheduled sessions and she is great at consistently adding new exercises to keep things fresh.


When I first started working with Veronika, I was a complete novice to working out with weights and machines, but she really made me feel comfortable and met me where I was at. I felt she really listened with no judgment. After only a few training sessions with her, I felt more confident and more energized in my body, not to mention the physical strength I was gaining. Since I've been working out with the program she showed me, I've been getting more compliments and I feel better about my body and posture. I look and feel better! I definitely recommend Veronika as a personal trainer!

As a psychotherapist and also going through a rough patch, I can vouch that regular exercise is so helpful for depression and anxiety.


I'm pleased to recommend Veronika as a trainer. She helped me get back in shape, define and sculpt muscles, and was sensitive and knowledgeable about my health issues or osteoporosis and arthritis. Working with Veronika was a wonderful experience.


Veronika Stutz is an awesome trainer who changed my approach to fitness and my overall health! Don't let her small stature fool you - this woman means business when it comes to changing your physique.

What I love most about Veronika: her focus on form and safety are top priority! I've been a yogi for years, and the same principles apply. Just like yoga, when your form is wrong, you are losing the benefits and setting yourself up for an injury.  Veronika took her time to explain each machine to me, the muscle groups each one works, and how to use each one properly. She's a stickler for form, and I love it! She developed a complete workout program for me and taught me the fundamentals of strong muscles. Don't forget though, you will get out what you put in. Veronika will be there to give you the tools, knowledge, and motivation to succeed. 

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Veronika to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.



I have been very fortunate to work with a great variety of interesting and creative clients, many of whom contribute to their community in a substantial and meaningful way. I take pride in my clients' work as I take pride in my own work of contributing to their health, strength and well-being.


12.20.2017 Letter of Reference, Recommendation, Appreciation, and Admiration for Veronika Stutz

I have worked with Veronika Stutz since summer 2006. We meet about three times a week and work together for about one hour. She is my trainer, wise counsel, confidant, and friend. Ours is one of the longest professional relationships I have had in my career. I am 64 years old, have my share of maladies—problematic lower back and left shoulder in particular--but am also in the best physical shape I have been in in my life. I refer to Veronika as my architect, and to myself as the construction, the material, and the contractor. Exercise is not a one shot, or short shot solution to anything. Exercise works when it becomes embedded into your lifestyle. Our 12-year relationship bears witness to that. Veronika understands seemingly everything about metabolism, physiology, psychology, and how the whole body must work in balance. Veronika is clear, kind, firm, consistent, but not overbearing. Honoring my body and my health is sustainable and a rudiment of my life because she—understanding my strengths and weaknesses—orchestrates the work to do so. She helps me be my best self.

If you have the opportunity to develop—in person or on-line—an ongoing working relationship with Ms. Stutz, I strongly recommend you take advantage of it and do so.

With appreciation,

MICHAEL B. LEHRER, FAIA LEHRERARCHITECTSLA President Past President, American Institute of Architects Los Angeles Past President, Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles Past Chair, Harvard Graduate School of Design Alumni 

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